The winery and its vineyards

The Codello’s family agricultural business goes back to the year 1930, but the first Roccat label was printed in the 1990’s, the year in which the new winery was built. Even though it’s a small business we can find therein the whole production line: from the vineyards (treated and looked after by the same family members), the harvest and all procedures regarding the vinification process to the bottling and sale of the product.

All six hectares are situated in the Valdobbiadene area at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level, on a terrain rich in clay and marl. All vines are south facing-some nearly 150 years old-and are cultivated both in the traditional way (“doppio capovolto”) and in the “sylvoz” way. Pruning and harvesting are exclusively carried out by hand, to keep the bunches of grapes intact until the grape pressing phase.

The land is cultivated with care, following the directives of the Protocollo Viticolo del Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG. We do our best to respect the environment by running our machines inside the winery with sustainable energy produced by our own photovoltaic panels.

Our Wine

The wine is obtained from a mixture of Glera grapes (95%) and Perera and Verdiso grapes (5%), all coming from our vineyards. After the harvest, in September, the grapes are gently pressed mechanically. The “fiore”(flower) must, which is the result of this process, is then decanted for 12-24 hours at a controlled temperature of 10°C. It is at this point that the alcoholic fermentation starts. This process lasts 10 days and takes place in stainless steel vats at a controlled temperature that goes from 18°C to 20°C. Later, the wine is moved from the first vat to another clean vat and it is left there for about 3 months. During this period of time a natural sedimentation occurs and it is after this process that the wine is moved to a pressurized tank (autoclave) and the second fermentation starts. This fermentation gives the wine its bubbles and sugar residue and can last from a minimum of two to five months. At this point the wine is ready to be bottled and a month must go by before the product can be sold (it takes a month for the wine to perfect itself in the bottle).

The Roccat Wines

Prosecco Superiore DOCG Valdobbiadene “Rive di San Pietro di Barbozza”

White wines

Wines that referment in the bottle

The Tavern

The tavern is the heart of the house. It’s the entrance to the B&B, a meeting and reception area. The imposing long table at the centre of the room can accommodate a large number of visitors, so often it will be for the B&B guests arriving, the winery’s clients and also friends dropping in for an aperitif or wine tasting. The tavern is a place to meet up, to chat and to get to know people; a place where long term friendships begin. The DOCG “Conegliano-Valdobbiadene” wine tasting is an incredible experience in itself but we enrich it with a guided tour of our vineyards- where the grape cycle starts and finishes- and we then continue the tour in the winery, describing how the grapes are transformed into must and thereafter into wine. The vineyard/winery tour and the wine tasting are possible only if booked in advance but events are frequently organized, with different types of wine and/or wines from different years. However, as far as our guests are concerned, wine tasting is possible at any time.

Tavernetta & Wine shop

Let us tell you the story of our territory so that you can appreciate our wine. This is what we do in Roccat: we invite you to get to know Valdobbiadene via its main product: the Prosecco D.O.C.G. We created this cosy little room, the “Tavernetta”, a special place where one can taste and appreciate our wines: whether it be our superb Spumante or our traditional “col fondo” (with sediment). The “Tavernetta” came into being thanks to a well thought out renovation in order to bring our family and clients together and also to taste and purchase the Roccat products.

Winery visit and wine tasting

“Una coreografica spuma, compatta e alimentata da un perlage fine, fitto e persistente, si accompagna a una veste paglierino-brillante, dai riflessi argentati. Al naso si avverte una gradevole sensazione di freschezza, unitamente ad una bella rotondità, con note floreali e che richiamano il sambuco e l’acacia, oltre a note più vegetali come la salvia e a ricordi fruttati che vanno dalla mela alla pera, agli agrumi, all’ananas (…)”

The DOCG Valdobbiadene tasting is an experience in itself. We try to make it even more interesting by offering a guided tour of our vineyard – where the grapes take form and grow – and of the winery, where they are transformed into must and wine through the different stages of vinification. We use different tasting methods guiding our clients to understand the main differences between one wine and another. The diversity of the DOCG wines matched to different dishes, the conservation and serving methods of the wine; these are only some of the topics that the Wine Master will discuss with the client. The vineyard/winery tour and wine tasting are only possible if booked in advance, but events are frequently organized with different types of wine and/or wines from different years. However, as far as our guests are concerned, wine tasting is possible at any time.

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