In accordance with applicable U.S. privacy law, and depending on the jurisdiction in which you reside, you may be able to exercise certain rights regarding your personal information. The form below can be used to submit requests to exercise rights under applicable U.S. state privacy laws to Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliated companies (collectively, “Turtle Beach”, “we,” “our,” or “us”). 


If you have multiple requests, please submit a separate form for each request. If we require more information from you to verify your request, or need clarification about the nature of your request, we will contact you at the email you indicate below. The personal information you provide below will be used to verify and process your request.


For information about how we handle personal information, please visit our Privacy Policy. If you are an employee or job applicant, please use our separate Corporate Privacy Rights Request Form to submit your request.


If you have questions about this webform, please contact us at USprivacy@turtlebeach.com If you do not wish to use this webform, you can submit your request by calling us at (855) 868- 5067.


Authorized Agents only:


If you’re an Authorized Agent submitting a request on behalf of a consumer, you must email USprivacy@turtlebeach.com a written authorization from the consumer indicating you’ve been authorized to submit a request on the consumer’s behalf. The form must be signed by both you and the consumer. All forms not signed will be rejected.


Note that you also have the right to appeal in the event that we decline to take action on a request exercising one of your rights set forth above, you have the right to appeal our decision.


By submitting this request, I am confirming the following:

1. Accuracy: The information I have provided is true and accurate;

2. Privacy: I understand the information will be processed by Turtle Beach in accordance with our Privacy Notice;

3. Contact: Turtle Beach has the right to contact me to verify my identity and to process this request.