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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is going to be next main stream entry into the iconic Pokemon series, and more recently, they revealed some of the new Pokemon going to be within the region, along with further gameplay.

Scarlet and Violet is also going to feature classic Pokemon to catch, and everyone's beloved Pokemon, Eevee is going to be present.

However, fans are curious into what typing Eevee's next evolution is going to be, or if there's going to be one at all!

What Is The Next Eevee Evolution? (Is There A New Eeveelution)

For fans of the series, you're well aware that each time Pokemon enters a new region, there's going to be some sort of special feature the region has to offer.

The Paldea region has Terastallize, which is essentially the ability to swap any Pokemon's typing due to these crystal's that players will be able to attach to certain Pokemon.

We got a sneek peak at this during the most recent reveal, and it has opened up the possibility for more Eevee evolutions.

So for now, the process of Terastallizing is more than likely how Eevee is going to get their next evolution, and this could be either Ghost, Dragon or any of the typings that Eevee doesn't already have a form for.

But, nothing is confirmed as of now, so we'll have to wait and see for when they officiall reveal this!