New details have emerged!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the latest entry within the iconic series, and has now released for players worldwide.

With the full release here, we've been diving into the brand new title on day one, but it appears there's some nasty glitches.

One, is allowing players to sprint all the way across the map, without running out of stamina.

Here's how they're doing it!

Game Breaking Tactical Sprint Glitch Ruining Players Modern Warfare 2 Games

The Tactical Sprint is one of the prominet features returning from Modern Warfare 2019, as players will be able to use this at the beginning of the round, and throughout it.

But, some players have quickly noticed that there's a certain way/trick that allows you to keep sprinting even when you're out of sprint.  

In order to use this mechanic, players will want to melee as soon as their sprint is about to run out, and this will allow you to keep going over and over with it!

You're going to want to have a percise gaming mouse for the release this weekend before you dive in, along with headset in our Syn Max Air.