Shocking News

Gamers probably remember a time when Bioshock was the hottest release every so often, as the trilogy of games capitavated fans all around the world thanks to their stories.

Now, it's been over eight years since the last title released in Bioshock Infinite, and now, we finally have some more news regarding a fourth title.

Here's what we know so far.

Bioshock 4 2022 release date leaked

This really isn't new information pertaining to the release of Bioshock 4, as we've been hearing some rumors for quite some time now that Bioshock 4 will get announced and released in 2022.

But, this new pile of information pertains to a Nvidia leak that detailed numerous games that are coming to PC next year.

Among these games was the recently released GTA Remastered Trilogy, and the upcoming God of War 2018 PC release, which as announced a while back.

Bioshock 4 was within the game files, meaning that if the leaks continue to be proven right, then we're going to finally be getting another release in the series.

But besides the Nvidia leak, there isn't any more news surrounding the game, but we'll be sure to keep you posted if anything pops up. 

What Else Do We Know?

A recent job listing at Cloud Chamber games, the developers for this new Bioshock, could suggest that the team is developing the game using Unreal Engine 5. This ad for a Senior Gameplay Programmer requests that the candidate will “work within Unreal Engine 5 adapting existing systems and building new technology in order to fulfil the project’s technical needs and creative goals."